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"I am grateful and excited about what our Lord is doing through Christopher Carter & The Men Living For Greatness Inner Circle." 

From the Desk of Christopher Carter
Atlanta, GA 
Dear Friend,
I am very excited to share with you this Revolutionary Catholic Program. Men are calling it...  


“A clear and concise program that will change 
 your life.”
“Practical and profound.” 


First, Let Me Back Up And Tell You My Story, And How This Program Came About... 


My name is Christopher Carter, and as a Catholic man, 
for years, I had two main struggles…
you might be able to relate,


Struggle #1: Overwhelm

Trying to balance, work, family, (recently marriage), exercise etc…  
oh, and somewhere in there, trying to find time to have a good prayer life. 
It felt stressful, complicated, and most of the time very overwhelming.


Struggle #2: I didn’t feel like I was growing or being challenged to strive for excellence


I felt like I was always “too busy” just trying to make it through another crazy day. 
A friend of mine who felt similar said, 
“I feel like for the past 12 year, I have just been trying to survive.” 
I think that summarizes it for most of us.


This Is How I Felt For Years


I hated waking up feeling like, all I could handle was just trying my best to keep my head above water for another day.  
I wanted to feel on top of my life, engaged, challenged and even pushed to be growing as a husband and father.  
I want to be a role model for my family that is worth following.


My Attempt To Do Better Was…


Once or twice a year, I would sit down and put together a plan to help me manage everything and challenge me to be growing… 
It felt great… for a week or two :)
and then here’s what usually would happen…
The plan I put together to, 
“help make my life more manageable and awesome!", 
turned into the thing that was too overwhelming to keep up with. 
My solutions were just not practical or maintainable.
For some reason, my best ideas hadn’t been able to give me the results I wanted.
But I knew, there had to be a better way.
I just needed to find it…


This Set Me On A Journey...


The next several years were intense…
I spent my evenings and weekends, going through hundreds of,
books, courses, retreats, seminars, talks... the list goes on. 
But, I didn’t stop there…
I also spent hours driving and flying, so that I could sit down with dozens of successful and holy catholic men
and priests.
All the way from...  
Founders of 500 Million dollar companies 
Priests who have been directing souls for decades. 
After all of this time gathering research, and in the trenches real world testing, the key pieces started to come together…


I Finally Found The 3 Key Pillars That Help Simplify & Build A Balanced Life Of Excellence.



Pillar #1:

Domino Habits


I call them domino habits, because when you focus on developing the key domino habits I discovered, in each area of life…
  • Prayer life
  • Marriage & relationships
  • Health & Fitness
  • Time management
  • Finances
other important habits fall into place without much deliberate effort.
Causing a true domino effect.
When you focus on building these key Domino habits, it will simplify your focus and improve your results.
My research and testing showed me that not all habits are created equal.


Pillar #2:

A Culture of Excellence

Regular face to face interaction with men who share the same high standards, and who have no problem charitably calling each other out in areas that need improvement.
This is pretty common sense that men thrive in a community that strives for excellence.



Pillar #3:

Weekly High Level Accountability

The bridge between resolutions and results is high level accountability in the areas you are working on.
Also not rocket science :)


After I Discovered These 3 Pillars, I  Took Massive Action…


I spent the next few months with a group of serious men who wanted to integrate these 3 key pillars into their lives. 
  • Building the key domino habits. 
  • A Culture Of Excellence Weekly face to face interaction with other Catholic men who share the same high standards and challenges. 
  • Weekly High Level Accountability  


The Difference Was Amazing…


I have never felt so peaceful, on top of things, engaged and challenged to grow.  
As cliche as it sounds, It has been truly transformational.


Fast Forward Several Years To Now…


The Program has continued to grow and develop. 
The Greatness Inner Circle has been blessed to help Catholic men…
  • In 6 countries
  • CEO’s, Doctors, Navy SEALs, Professors, Firefighters, teachers and men from every walk of life.


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